What our Customers say...


Happy Holidays!

We were pleased with the work performed by your employees. They were very kind and professional. We would definitely recommend your business to our family & friends.

"Overall very pleased with the work, thank you guys for the great job."

"The crew that came to my house was fast to the job, polite, and answered any questions I had for them. Very good job!"

"The crew from SERVPRO of LBL North was very professional and helpful throughout the entire process of fixing my water damage."

"I will definitely recommend SERVPRO of LBL North to my friends, family, and coworkers!"

"Very talented & great work ethic. SERVPRO needs more like this team!"

"We are very satisfied with SERVPRO's reconstruction services!"

"We are very satisfied with the response from the SERVPRO of LBL North reconstruction team. Very professional!"

"The SERVPRO of LBL North Restoration crew were very capable, professional, and cooperative. I would hire back often, if necessary!" 

"I would highly recommend the services provided by SERVPRO of LBL North to my friends, family, and colleagues!"

I discovered mold in my mother's home this past April. I was very concerned about the situation. SERVPRO made me feel comfortable and like I was in good hands. It is nice to feel reassured when you are in a position like this. They were so kind and helpful!! Not to mention they took care of the problem. 

We experienced strong winds that caused damage to our home this past spring. SERVPRO responded to the issue quick!They made sure to take care of our damage in a professional & friendly manner. I know a few other people who have gone through SERVPRO when dealing with storm damage & also water damage. I have never heard a negative review from anyone; and my personal experience was GREAT! Thanks SERVPRO.


We had water damage in a classroom here & the SERVPRO team came out and took care of the issue. They are very professional and knowledgeable about what they are doing. I would definitely work with them again. Thanks for everything!

We called SERVPRO to come out and help us with roof damage that we had after a storm. The team was great!! They made an unfortunate situation much better. They are knowledgeable AND caring. I would refer anyone who needs home restoration needs to SERVPRO.

When we discovered mold in our home we expected to deal with a long, drawn out process. We were SO pleased when SERVPRO showed urgency in taking care of our issue. Not only did the team know what they were doing, but they actually cared about making sure that we were satisfied and happy with the end result. We will definitely be using SERVPRO for any issues we face (hopefully none!) in the future.

We had severe smoke and fire damage to our home and personal items. The SERVPRO team did a fantastic job of taking the matter into their hands and getting the job done. Couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome! Thanks SERVPRO!!

We had a busted pipe causing water damage in our church. The SERVPRO of Murray, Benton, Cadiz & Princeton team was quick and efficient.

Great work. Pleased with the job done.

Job well done by the SERVPRO crew. Boys tore out damage and cleaned up water. Cleaning crew brought back my things that I thought I'd never see again. Great work by everyone.

SERVPRO of Murray, Benton, Cadiz, and Princeton workers responded immediately to take care of the damage the unexpected fire caused with precision and care. The SERVPRO team stayed on site until everything had returned to normal and well into the day after the fire.

The men at SERVPRO of Murray, Benton, Cadiz, and Princeton did a great job restoring my facility after an unfortunate busted pipe. The responded promptly and were always there to answer questions I had. Thank you.

I'm not sure what I would have done without the help of SERVPRO! With their help, an unfortunate situation was turned into a blessing.

THANK YOU SERVPRO! My basement was full of mold that was making my wife and I sick. SERVPRO of Murray, Benton, Cadiz, and Princeton cleaned it up, good as new!

SERVPRO of Murray did a great job restoring my home after a fire from our fridge. They arrived promptly and were professional throughout the entire experience. I would recommend SERVPRO to all those needing help after such an event.

Cleaning ladies were awesome. Returned my things smoke free and even better than before. Thanks.

Impressed with the guys doing the work. Extreme professionals on all aspects.

The SERVPRO team were all perfect and we had the greatest experience. We have children with special needs, and our son is a runner. They were phenomenal with him!!

Mike Bone was very professional throughout the process, and went above and beyond to get the job done within the time frame suggested. I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone dealing with flood issues like I had!

Thank you Mike, to you and your staff, for all you’ve done for me and are trying to do!

They were on site very quickly and were very thorough!

Many thanks for your quick and efficient response to the flooding of my cabin!

This company was great. I pastor a Church in Mayfield KY and we had a water loss. I called them and they came out ASAP and removed all the water. They then set up fans and Dehumidifiers to dry the structure out. After the dry out was complete they kindly offered to do the reconstruction. SERVPRO told me it would be 6 weeks before they could do the work so we decided as a Church to complete the work our self. Very honest and very upfront and I would recommend them to everyone with an emergency.

The SERVPRO team arrived in a timely manner and remediated the fire damage that not only affected the kitchen but spread through this unit. Very pleased with the services provided.

The SERVPRO team was knowledgeable, well-trained and equipped to handle my loss situation. Beyond satisfied with the results!

Everything was good! Thanks SERVPRO!

I will gladly use SERVPRO, who assisted me during my loss, for ANY future cleaning or restoration needs!

Such a great company that takes care of their customers! Highly recommend!!

Quick, accommodating and professional. On your worst day, they are there for you. They are at their best when you are at your worst. Always there to help.

SERVPRO of Murray, Benton, Cadiz, and Princeton is exceptional with customer service. Steve Durham is a very professional individual and he has a great team that is highly trained and very respectful. They did a great job mitigating my home, they were quick and thorough. Highly recommend.

I’ve used SERVPRO of Murray, Benton, Cadiz, and Princeton several times and the speed of their service is second to none!!!  They were truly responsive.  Then dealing with the insurance company and the mortgage company wasn’t the easiest, however, SERVPRO of Murray, Benton, Cadiz, and Princeton provided us with everything we needed in the most timely manner to get us squared away and get my family back in our home as quickly and as painlessly as possible.  To top it off, both times we’ve needed SERVPRO of Murray, Benton, Cadiz, and Princeton, the repairs were not only completed professionally, but our home looked better than it did before!!!!  I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Murray, Benton, Cadiz, and Princeton to anyone and would easily be a reference.  Just give me a call!  Thank you so much to SERVPRO of Murray, Benton, Cadiz, and Princeton Professionals, to Mr. Steven Durham and to his entire staff.